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Feeding is an important skill that starts right at birth and develops rapidly in the first few years as children move from milk to solid foods. We can help assess whether your child is experiencing any physical difficulties with the swallowing and eating process that may be contributing to fussy eating, dribbling, immature eating patterns, or breast/bottle feeding difficulties. Suspect a tongue tie? We can help assess this and look at how it is impacting the child. This information is used by Paediatric Dentists and Surgeons.

Oral Motor Skills

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How Therapy Can Help

Feeding Difficulties

Fussy Eaters & Restricted Diets


Tongue thrust

Difficulty coordinating movements of the mouth required for feeding

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Straight Talk Speech Pathology loves helping children! We believe everyone has the right to communicate – including children. This is why we are dedicated to helping them to express themselves, understand when others speak, read (and be able to learn by understanding what they read) and express themselves in writing. We know families are busy so where possible we try to provide easy ideas for practicing new skills between therapy visits. We love thinking of ways new skills can be practiced within your child’s everyday life. us.

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