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Sound Awareness

Before reading and writing, children become aware that words are made up of sounds. Therapy in this areas builds that awareness of sounds, ready for its integration with the letters of the alphabet when phonics is introduced.


Some children need extra support with phonics and learning spelling patterns. Our therapy takes a sounds-up approach, meaning we start with the sounds we hear in words and build the spelling onto those.

Reading & Writing


Writing takes on different forms and therapy helps children to learn to use different structures and styles, for example writing instructions or writing a story. We work with children with and without a Dysgraphia diagnosis.


Reading involves the building blocks of awareness of sounds and phonics, but also encompasses so much more. We help children with their reading accuracy, fluency, and understanding. We work with children with and without a Dyslexia diagnosis.

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About Straight Talk Speech Pathology

Straight Talk Speech Pathology loves helping children! We believe everyone has the right to communicate – including children. This is why we are dedicated to helping them to express themselves, understand when others speak, read (and be able to learn by understanding what they read) and express themselves in writing. We know families are busy so where possible we try to provide easy ideas for practicing new skills between therapy visits. We love thinking of ways new skills can be practiced within your child’s everyday life. us.

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