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Can’t travel to speech therapy?

Try online therapy with one of our therapists! All you need is a device with a camera, microphone and speaker (such as an iPad, tablet, smartphone, laptop or computer) and an internet connection, and we will guide you through the rest. Online therapy is suitable for most children and we have worked successfully online with children targeting: early communication, feeding, reading, writing, stuttering, speech sound disorders, expressive language and comprehension. Research has shown that online sessions for speech therapy are usually at least as effective as standard face to face therapy.

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Speech Pathologists

At Straight Talk Speech Pathology we want to help children and their families thrive!

Communication and eating are essential for a healthy fulfilling life, and that’s why we love helping children with speaking, listening, reading, writing and feeding!

Its our goal to work with you to help your child develop so that they can be confident, independent communicators and eaters!

Our friendly team are committed to getting to know your child so that we can tailor our therapy to each child and family. We know children learn best when they are motivated so we aim to learn and have fun at the same time. All of our therapists maintain membership with Speech Pathology Australia and are committed to ongoing learning in the field of Speech Pathology so that we can be our best too!


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